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Facebook Fraud: Beware of FB Ads

As with many writers, I’ve toyed with the idea of using Facebook ads in order to reach more readers. I’m sure businesses of any ilk have the same thought. Well, it’s past time to rethink.

Here is a video from the owner of a YouTube science channel called Veritasium. This likeable, watchable man did an experiment or two to see if Likes on FB actually cause your posts to reach more people. He dealt with Like farms (people paid to click Like) and legitimate FB ads that should have brought real Likes. They didn’t.

And worse, as his FB Likes grew, since the percentage of people who were showed his posts by the FB gods stayed the same, his posts were reaching more fake-Like people and less of his engaged, interested followers.

Definitely worth watching this one:

One thought on “Facebook Fraud: Beware of FB Ads

  1. Wow, I had no idea. Well, this will save me some money down the road. Now I know where some of my very strange, non-English speaking fans come from.

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