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Spent a lot of time this weekend reading up on Facebook, particularly the downfall of Business Pages on which you post. Your Likes (people who like your site), unlike your Friends on a Personal Profile, do not see all of your posts. Apparently Facebook fairies are filtering out more and more from Professional Pages. Businesses have noticed a huge dropoff of people receiving their posts in their newsfeeds and have even had people who Like them calling to ask if they’ve closed down. So what does this mean for a writer with an Artist Page who is trying to connect with readers and other writers?

I don’t know yet, but I just found this: The Social Media Advice You Never Hear: Why You Shouldn’t Bother With a Facebook Pages at http://alexisgrant.com/2012/03/26/the-social-media-advice-you-never-hear-why-you-shouldnt-bother-with-a-facebook-page/ directed specifically at authors. You may want to read it and consider deleting your Facebook page altogether.

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