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Historical Romance Network Releases Video

historical romance network

historical romance networkA group formed recently called Historical Romance Network, created out of a sense that historical romance might be losing popularity. (Gasp! Say it isn’t so.) Perhaps historical romance is considered less relevant than Navy SEAL romance, or perhaps readers have a misconception that all the historical heroines are simpering weaklings and all the men are domineering rakes ready to rip off a lady’s bodice and have his wicked way with her causing her to fall immediately in love with him. Not so.

HRN, of which I am a member, is going to counter those notions with a blitz campaign, and we’re starting with an awesome video. One of my covers made it into the video (around 54 seconds) and I’m thrilled to be included. Without further ado, our video:

Please take a moment to share the video with fellow romance novel lovers. Even if they aren’t historical romance readers, maybe we can change their minds. And we’d love you to come visit our site at www.historicalromancenetwork.com.