About Social Media

Just Do It

Thanks to some kind and thoughtful words from other writers on the IndieRomanceInk Yahoo Group, I’m just going to start inviting people over to my site and my Facebook page. As for MySpace, I can honestly say I have no idea what’s going on over there. I opened up an account yesterday and then when I went back to it today, it seemed to be some other “Sydney” (just first name) who was really into Chris Brown. Not that there’s anything wrong with Chris Brown. Actually, there is!

I logged out and logged back in and I was back on the right page, but MySpace has been busy suggesting music and videos with other people liking the suggestions. Unfortunately, i don’t know any of those people and nothing on there is from me. So no link to MySpace for now until I get a handle on it.

And I’m so glad I received a response from Christine MacKenzie when I was asking Facebook questions because it led me to Christine’s Facebook page, where I found her own first posting was not that long ago (Sept. 2011); she mentioned just building her page, and a couple other writers chimed in with how they too hadn’t yet created pages. I’m not in a race, I realized, just in a river of writers all moving along at our own pace.

Cheers and Happy Memorial Weekend!