About Social Media

Newbie Doubt

Just looked at D. D. Scott’s site (click here to see it) and well, I am just going to make a good strong cup of milky tea (because it’s too early to have a good strong anything else). Look at her left-hand sidebar full of “subscribe” buttons and “join” and “follow me” and newsletter signups. She has it all going on.

I realized, I may not be cut out for whatever this is I’m trying. I was exhausted just looking at the social media choices. I haven’t worked on my sequel to my as-yet unpublished novel in the past week because I was working on this new site and my new Facebook page.

I would love to hear from you if you can keep it all up and if you do, how? Do you have a daily schedule? And do you think it’s worth it or just a distraction from your real life–which for me is sitting alone (except for animals) in my office, typing, typing, typing.