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Skeleton Author Awaiting Sales

I love Kristen Lamb’s posts. This one, Why Your Book Isn’t Selling, I admit I haven’t even read yet. I will do later today after work, but this first image in Kristen’s post had me laughing out loud:

Skeleton Author Awaiting SalesIt sure hits home for every author at some time or another. This skeleton writer would also be appropriate at a book signing, when one prays for eager readers to come to the bookstore, buy one’s book, and approach one’s table to have it signed. Sometimes, those are hours of misery and isolation, and chatting with bookstore staff who try to hide their embarrassment on your behalf. Ah, good times, indeed!!

In order for you not to have to see my bones awaiting . . . I invite you to my Amazon book store. While there, take note of the image of me from only a few years ago (2013). My best friend recently advised that I should update the Amazon author photo because of how young I was then. Now that I’m older (3 whole years!!!), he said, readers may respect my writing more if they see a true-to-life photo. Um . . . first of all, shut up! But secondly, maybe I already do look like my skeletal friend in Kristen’s post.