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The Slayer’s Redemption with Marliss Melton

I cannot believe I missed posting for the entire month of October. I believe I created a smattering of Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, but they don’t end up here. Anyway, I wasn’t idle. In October, I finished working on The Slayer’s Redemption, written by bestselling author Marliss Melton and edited by yours truly.  I created the digital files, and the book went live around October 12. I am currently creating the print files so there will be a paperback version available by Christmas.

This is Book 1 in The Warriors of York series set in the 1100s. Book 2, The Black Knight’s Reward, will be out in the spring of 2016, which I will also edit. And I’m rather excited to be co-writing Book 3, The Crusader’s Challenge, which will be out by the middle of next year. Working with this talented author has been a blessing and is helping me grow as a writer.

The Slayer's Redemption #14b Final (small) copySUMMARY

Having cut his baby from the body of his dead wife, Christian de la Croix, known across the land as the Slayer, only adds to the rampant, lurid rumors concerning his violent misdeeds. Now, he desperately needs a wet nurse to keep his son alive, but the people around Helmesly Castle fear him, putting baby Simon’s life in peril.

When a stranger who calls herself Clare Crucis volunteers to nurse the newborn, Christian’s relief overwhelms him. But it does not last long, for Dame Crucis tells contradictory stories of her past. Is she really an angel of mercy—or the agent of one of his enemies, sent to destroy him?

Clare Crucis is, in fact, Clarisse du Boise, a lady being forced to kill the Slayer in order to keep his enemy, her stepfather, from executing her kinswomen. At her very first encounter with the Slayer, Clarisse questions the terrible rumors that abound about him. Certainly, his reputation for ruthlessness is well founded, but she remarks a sadness in the warrior and a longing to be loved that she had not expected. Still, to save her family, she must carry her plan to completion. But as her heart quails and she delays, the Slayer grows ever more suspicious. Is there a way she can save the lives of her loved ones while seeing righteousness prevail? All she needs is a champion.

(This is a thoroughly revised and expanded version of Danger’s Promise, previously released only in print.)

Available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and everywhere fine digital books are sold.

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  1. I am fabulously blessed to have Sydney Jane Baily as my editor. She added so many wonderful historical details to this sweeping medieval tale of passion and daring. I owe THE SLAYER’s 5-star rating to her!

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