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Beastly Lords Earn a Triple Crown

Lord Vile gets a crownNo, it’s not the name of a horse, though “Beastly Lord” would be an awesome name for a champion racer. However, it is the name of my series.

InD’Tale magazine has awarded Book Three, LORD VILE, five stars and a red heart with a crown on it, just as with Books One and Two. Yes, a triple crown on triple hearts! All three had different reviewers at the magazine, so no playing favorites.

Lord Vile is the gripping story of a rather sad man who does some vile things, and the smart woman who metaphorically slaps him upside the head, thinking she is having her revenge, but ultimately helping to heal them both. Available at Amazon.

And then there is this news, a nomination for Lord Despair:

Lord Despair RONE nominee

Book One Lord Despair has been nominated for the prestigious RONE award in the Victorian category. You can vote only through May 5, which is tomorrow. If you enjoyed Simon and Jenny’s story, I’d be honored if you would vote for it by going to InD’ Thank you. You have to be registered (which is free) to vote, and frankly, it isn’t a one-click process and is easier on a PC than a phone.  Just my opinion.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday. As always, happy reading!!