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What a Corset Taught Sarah Chrisman About the Past, the Present, and Herself

Sarah Crisman wearing corset
Sarah Crisman wearing corset
Courtesy of Sarah Chrisman

Found this interesting story about a woman who wears a corset all day and all night, as many Victorian women did. Sarah Chrisman received a corset from her husband as a present and, after the initial reluctance, fully embraced its wearing. In fact, she now dresses exclusively in Victorian style. Here is a link to a story about Sarah called The Woman Who Wears (and Sleeps in!) Corsets Every Day.

Crisman's bookShe has written a book about her transformation since wearing this rather controversial article of Victorian clothing that affects posture, sensuality, and body shape. She even claims it helped with her migraines. Here’s a link to more about her and her book with links for its purchase. She claims its a myth that suffragettes were the cause of the corset’s demise, instead putting more responsibility on Coco Chanel.

Sarah changes her own views on the corset as an oppressive, restrictive thing and shares why in her book, What a Corset Taught Me about the Past, the Present, and Myself.