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Love Historicals presents Lost in a Kiss

Love Historicals presents Lost in a KissThe authors of Love Historicals released our first anthology, a boxed set entitled Love Historicals presents Lost in a Kiss on October 20. The Love Historicals authors who participated are myself (Sydney Jane Baily), Jill Hughey, Anna Markland, Nancy Morse, Laurel O’Donnell, Margery Scott, Lana Williams, and Cynthia Woolf. The eye-catching boxed set graphic was created by our own LH author, Christy Carlyle, and we already have a bunch of five-star reviews on Amazon. Thank you, readers!

We have a lovely trailer that shows all eight of our covers, created by our own LH author, Nancy Morse. You can watch it by clicking here.

An Impassioned Redemption by Sydney Jane BailyThe cover for my contribution, An Impassioned Redemption, was also created by Christy Carlyle.

A Note About An Impassioned Redemption

While all of my books’ heroines are either independent or feisty or unorthodox (or all three), I’ve never before written about such a wayward female as An Impassioned Redemption’s Josephine Holland. Though unmarried, she is not a virgin and is unapologetic about that fact. She is passionate, smart, and liberated, particularly for a woman in the 1880s, and a capable businesswoman, as well. She captured my interest and my heart when she arrived full-blown and sassy in An Inescapable Attraction, Book 3 of my Defiant Hearts series. Though she had only a small role to play, she played it larger than life, helping her friend Thaddeus Sanborn rescue the love of his life, Eliza Prentice. But could a saloon owner who is also a brothel madam have a romantic story of her own? Yes! Jameson Carter never had a name in Book 3, though he behaved heroically, saving the lives of Eliza and Thaddeus after a terrible shootout. And he lived only a stone’s throw away (actually, a river’s width) from Miss Josephine Holland. Naturally, this sexy riverboat gambler frequented her saloon. However, he wanted to know her better—intimately, in fact. It was up to me to make his wish come true. This is their story…


Jo came down the stairs from the second floor that housed her and four other women—her girls, as she thought of them. Glancing around her establishment, she faltered to a halt on the last step when her eyes came to rest on the man in black. Carter. They’d never been formally introduced, but months ago, she’d asked one of her saloon’s regulars about him. Jameson Carter owned the lively riverboat where she’d once spent the night with its previous owner, the late Jack Stoddard, who unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on one’s point of view—had been as unable to have relations with her as one of the worms in the small but thriving garden to the side of her saloon.

Why she didn’t simply stroll up to Carter, place her hand on his broad shoulder, and introduce herself, she had no idea. Well, she did actually. He sparked an interest in her that was simply not allowed. She knew she could have him in her bed if she wanted. All her life, she’d been told of her appeal—she was curvaceous in all the right places and had naturally red-tinged lips to which men showed an inordinate amount of interest. However, at the moment, she found she couldn’t put her mouth to use to smile or even to speak. She simply didn’t know how to approach the man.

Jo glided quietly toward her private table. She didn’t want to speak to him in the guise of a saloon owner and a madam because more than anything, she wanted to impress him, talk to him, get to know all about him. Then she wanted to run her fingers through his dark brown hair and look into his intelligent toffee-colored eyes.

Oh, she wanted him in her bed all right—after all he was the essence of dash-fire and sensual appeal—but she also wanted a man, an interesting man like him, in other aspects of her life. To take supper with, to go to a play, to sit with on a sunny afternoon and talk about the day’s events or read over the local newspaper. And women like her simply didn’t get that opportunity, except the bed part, and then only for a night at a time. No matter how financially rewarding that arrangement might be, it wasn’t what she wanted with Jameson Carter.

With his back still to her, Jo pulled out her chair, which made a thunderous scraping sound that seemed as loud to her ears as a gunshot. She cringed as heads started to turn and Carter looked around.

Another shot rang out and all hell broke loose. Jo realized that it hadn’t been her chair making the first noise after all. As her heart leaped into her throat, she dropped to her knees and scrambled under the table.

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From Amazon:
I received an advanced copy of the 8 Amazing stories and I’m glad I did
By Florencia Fontanon October 20, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
I received an advanced copy of the 8 Amazing stories and I’m glad I did!!! It’s the first time I read most of these authors and I was pleasantly surprised! Fast paced, heart warming, and full of action and romance!! I would greatly recommend this collection!! Happy readings!!!

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