Secret Santa Blog Hop Day 2


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Let’s discuss Christmas, nineteenth-century style. On Day 1, we had a little fun with fashion. Day 2, let’s discuss the tree and other traditions.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their children
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their children

The nineteenth century brought about many of the staples of Christmas that we enjoy today: the decorated Christmas tree by the 1850s (via Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria, who grew up in Germany where the tree was already a tradition), Christmas cards (though only for the wealthy, at first), Christmas crackers (more popular still in the UK than here in America, but you can purchase them easily nowadays), and, of course, Ebeneezer Scrooge (via Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.



Cotton Mather
Cotton Mather — bah, humbug!!

In Boston, MA, where Reed Malloy (from my romantic novel, An Improper Situation) and his family live, by the 1880s, Christmas celebrations were large family affairs that we know today, complete with a feast. Why? Because throughout the century, immigrants came to Massachusetts predominantly from Ireland, England, and Scotland, bringing with them their UK and European Christmas traditions. They came a long way from a 1659 Massachusetts anti-Christmas law of the Puritans to the nationwide celebration of the 1880s. I mean, would you expect any Christmas cheer from this guy?

So now we get to the question part of our blog event. Should it be a classic question, such as boxers or briefs, chocolate or wine, cat person or dog person, circumcised or not? Well, we’re all romance-minded people here, so let’s go for something romance-related, yes?

Here goes: If you had your choice for a romantic getaway with your significant other (real or imaginary), which would you prefer?
a) a tropical setting, with umbrella-clad drinks, hot sun, and a private beach with warm white sand suitable for outdoor love making and beautiful blue shark-free waters perfect for skinny-dipping
b) a snowy mountain getaway, complete with secluded lodge with a crackling fire and a luxuriously soft rug in front of it, just begging for you to bare yourself, a stocked wine cellar, and a hot tub just a step outside the door (no bathing suit allowed).

So which is hotter, sexier, more romantic, in your opinion? Just answer “beach” or “snow”. I’ll tell you my answer on Day 3.


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12 thoughts on “Secret Santa Blog Hop Day 2

  1. Beach! I’m sitting here looking at the mountains covered in snow. I fell two weeks ago and my ankle is throbbing in the cold. I’d love a barhop to bring me a mai-tai right now.
    Thanks for the blog hop!
    Happy Holidays.

  2. BEACH! I live in the Midwest where it is cold, snowy, and below zero in winter so any time I can get away to someplace warm even if it is only in my fantasy land or in my books, I’m going. With an umbrella drink and hopefully a hot cabana boy(man)!

  3. What an awesome hop!! And a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!! I want the snow! Lots of cuddling! 🙂 That and i hate beaches. Not only that, who wants to sweat from the sun when you can do other things and sweat that way. 😀 Happy holidays to you all! Best wishes and many blessings!

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