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Thunderclap for Finder of Lost Love

It’s new to me, not only Thunderclap but also the innovative form of entertainment that this Thunderclap is promoting, called Flashpoint Finds. With Flashpoint Finds, collections of short stories, you can discover new writers while playing an online game and ultimately win prizes.

I’m in this Flashpoint Finds collection of short stories called Finder of Lost Love, with a story titled “A Gambler’s Heart.” I invite you to join our Thunderclap and then, when the book is published, October 2, grab a copy and play to win! Meanwhile, you can take a look around the playground, where you’ll search for clues, receive puzzle pieces, and ultimately unlock the vault to win a prize.

You can preorder the book now at Amazon.

New things can be confusing. Watch the Flashpoints Find video for more info.