My Heroes

Feel free to comment about your own heroes (and heroines) here. I’d love to hear about them.

My first hero is my father, James George Baily. I love him to pieces with all my heart even though he’s gone where I can’t touch him anymore. This picture isn’t the best of either one of us, but it perfectly expresses the love.

Sydney and James Baily

Best dad in the whole world, also funniest and smartest, though not so handy with a hammer.

Digital cover of An Improper Situation

New hero to add to this page: Reed Malloy, Boston lawyer, male protagonist of my historical romance, An Improper Situation. Reed can cook (!) and he is intelligent, funny, devastatingly handsome, sweet, caring, authoritative, devoted, and usually emotionally and physically controlled. Until he meets the heroine, Charlotte Sanborn.

He is both besotted and repelled. He is attracted to her but not interested in falling in love. He can’t understand her unwillingness to suddenly become a surrogate mother, either, because he’s very fond of children and relates well to them. And as the story progresses, he’s surprised to find himself so overcome with physical desire for Charlotte that he’s not his usual careful and controlled self. His heart knows better than his brain, of course, and before he knows it, he’s head over heels in love.

Orlando as ReedAn older Orlando Bloom was my inspiration, visual-wise, for Reed Malloy, sort of like this image. (See how craftily I Photoshopped his head to an 1880s outfit? OK, I’m just laughing here, not being serious at all. Besides, Reed doesn’t smoke.)

Riley Dalcourt modelFor Riley Dalcourt, my next hero, visual inspiration came from this nameless guy pictured below. He’s probably a model. I wish I could find out who he is. I saw him one day and was struck with how he is exactly Riley, lock, stock, and barrel, or rather hair, grin, and chest. No doubt about it.

And here’s how he came out on the beautiful new cover for my latest release, An Irresistible Temptation:

Irresistible Temptation

Riley is not Reed. He is not as authoritative or alpha male-ish. He is, however, smart (he’s a top-rate medical student), loves fixing things, and is honorable to a fault. If he says he’ll do something, he’ll do it. Even if that means marrying a woman he doesn’t love because he promised her he would. Or taking a job and living in a town he doesn’t want to live in because he owes a man for his dream of being a doctor. He’s also a tad impulsive, charming, sexy, and has a dimpled grin that drives the heroine wild. Riley combines the easygoing cowboy with the driven med student and comes out a hero!

6 Responses to My Heroes

  1. lin saulnier says:

    Ms. Sydney: You forgot to mention that he was very handsome.

    • Sydney says:

      Thanks very much, Lin. He certainly was, if I may say so myself. Love your avatar. Did you pick that? Or did my site give you that?

  2. I have just discovered your books. I have yet to read one, but they sound like something I would enjoy. Not to mention the covers are beautiful! I look forward to sharing your books on my sites.

    • Sydney says:

      Thanks, Debbie. Which do you like better, the old covers (you can see two on this page) or the new ones that the publisher gave them in June of this year? Just curious. Thank you for stopping by.
      Best wishes,

  3. Lila says:

    I can not find the book An Inconceivable Deception listed any were to buy. Is it not available to download from Barnes and noble.

    • Sydney says:

      Hi Lila,
      Sorry, it isn’t out yet. It’s still not finished. Life threw me a curve ball (a whole lotta balls) in 2015. However, it will be out this year. Meanwhile, An Impassioned Redemption offers the story of two characters from Book 3.

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