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Author Sydney J. Baily

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An Impassioned Redemption by Sydney Jane Bailyby Sydney Jane BailySelf-made woman, Jo Holland answers to no one. She runs a successful saloon and bordello, keeping off the streets women with few opportunities in life. Unlike her girls, she neither needs nor wants any man. That is, until she meets the wickedly attractive and intriguing Jameson Carter.

From atop his gambling riverboat, Jameson rules what he sees, and he has his sights set on one delectable lady. His odds of winning Jo are suddenly stacked against him, when a series of unexplained events puts more than his heart in danger. They threaten his life and that of the woman he wants to make his.

This standalone novella is an offshoot (also called a “bulge,” which is not the most attractive word), featuring two secondary characters from the third book of the popular Defiant Hearts series. It can absolutely be read without reading any of the other novels in the series first. Enjoy!


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