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How Bad Is My Dog’s Breath?

Perry under my desk

I just realized that my dog’s breath is so bad — and actually quite indescribable in its particular aroma — that I am distracted to the point of being unable to concentrate at my desk and get my daily quota of writing done. Here is the culprit, right at my feet, directly under my keyboard:


He is snoozing peacefully, unaware of the mayhem he is causing while dreaming of his next meal.

“Perry,” I call to him so I can take a picture of his gorgeous mutt-ly face.

He pointedly ignores me. (Apparently, he had been taking lessons from the cat!!)

“Perry, look up at mommy.” More ignoring and wafting of hot doggy breath.

Then I shake the bag of cat kibble that I keep as the most delicious of treats.

cat kibble treats

Instantly, he looks at me. There’s my beautiful boy from Tennessee:

Perry under my desk

And as I gaze into his chocolate brown eyes, I realize that despite the whole breath thing, he is my best canine friend, and as the days have become cooler, he has been thoughtfully warming my feet with lungfuls of his own used air. So sweet (Perry, I mean, not his breath!)

Anyway, next post will be about my latest release, The Black Knight’s Reward, and nothing about dog breath.


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  1. I knew it — the cat IS giving the dog lessons on being cattish! I caught him at the feet . . . I mean, the paws of the master.
    Cat instructs dog

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