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Cat and Dog Love

Chloe and PerryUntil the cat passed away, the dog was more her dog than mine.

When he arrived, Chloe was old, about 18 years old. He was a young pup, about 10 months of age. After he got off a three-day transport from down south, Perry came into a home that had four cats. Two scattered like leaves in the wind, practically living upstairs dog-free for a year before becoming brave enough to be in the same room as the dreaded canine; one (the Maine coon) ignored the dog completely, and the feeling was mutual — I don’t remember them ever interacting or even looking at each other. And then, there was Chloe, a sleek quarter Siamese cat who was, at least to me, refined, wise, loyal, and loving.

Perry and ChloePerry approached her on his first day and got too close. She slapped him on the nose, and he fell instantly in love with her.

After that, wherever Chloe was, Perry was right there with her, whether she wanted him or not.

Sydney and PerryAfter she passed, the dog started cleaving to me and decided I would do as his buddy.

We both still miss her tremendously.

I love to hear other people’s stories of their animals’ friendships. 🙂