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Education vs. Preparation: Penelope Trunk Nails It Again

I love today’s post by Penelope Trunk so much, I had to mention it here. Even though I don’t work in the “real” world very much anymore (note: my home office is not considered “real” by my family), my children are heading into their crucial years of schooling, in preparation for employment.

Penelope’s post, “5 Things You Have to Unlearn to Succeed at Work”, is about education and its failings to prepare people for work. I highly recommend it, whether you are the one who needs to do the unlearning or whether you fear for your offspring’s ability to throw off the shackles of twelve years of education, think for themselves and succeed in the modern world.

phone boothI homeschooled my children for a single year, whereas Penelope has been doing it much longer. If I’d started sooner or had more confidence, I believe they would have benefited from more years of homeschooling, particularly the elementary school and middle school years. Some may consider homeschooling as quaint and old-fashioned as this phone booth. But modern public education is the dinosaur, using old-style testing, pointless, yawn-inducing homework assignments, cringe-worthy worksheets, and  short-sighted curricula.

Read Penelope’s piece and see what you think. I wish I were her child, homeschooling at her house. They must be having a blast.