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For Chocolate Lovers β€” Best and Worst Bar!

Coffee with cocoa
My morning cup of dark cocoa coffee. The dog once poisoned himself at Christmas with a large chocolate Santa and a Terry’s chocolate orange ball. Had to make him throw it all up with hydrogen peroxide. What a waste!

What’s the Best Chocolate in the U.S.?

A recent article caught my attention, “Best Chocolate in the U.S.” by Food & Wine. My family and friends know me as something of a chocolate lover. Jokes aside, there is always a bar of dark chocolate somewhere on my desk and another in my pantry. I’m not a choco-pig. I don’t wolf it down (choco-wolf?). I like a square at a time and prefer dark to milk, except for an occasional Cadbury craving. I stir dark cocoa into my coffee each morning. I bake chocolate cakes with chocolate buttercream frosting. I’ve made the famously delicious Mexican chocolate chicken mole dish and didn’t care for it. (Go figure. It was probably my cooking and not the recipe’s fault.)

Some Good Chocolate IMHO

Box of See's Bordeaux candies
These are See’s Bordeaux, my favorite kind of See’s candy when I was a kid. Now, I just like a plain bar.

I was intrigued to see the list because I had in my possession one of the best chocolate bars I’d ever tasted. I had to see if regular “chocolate of the people” type chocolate was included. Or did the list contain only the fussy stuff that no one has ever heard of or can find, certainly not in the checkout line of their favorite grocery store. The list had the California brand I grew up with, See’s, that is now nationwide, or at least in every airport I’ve been to in the past decade. I like it but don’t love it. We used to fly with boxes of it each summer for my grandmother in England. To me, it’s a little bland with too many squishy and/or nutty centers. I like plain chocolate, without anything to muddy the enjoyment except the occasional infusion of caramel or truffle goo.

Speaking of which, yes, Lindt was on the list and deservedly so. Who doesn’t like an occasional Lindt truffle, and their red-wrapped stick-shaped bars are rather scrumptious, too. There is one in my fridge right now, and I’ll show it to you.Lindt Lindor bar

The Best Damn Bar I’ve Had All Year

Choceur chocolate barThe big reveal is a bar I picked up at Aldi’s, a discount market founded in Germany (and the owner’s brother owns Trader Joe’s, which also has some great chocolate at super prices). This bar isn’t U.S. made but it is available in the U.S., so I say it counts. Here’s my pick for the year: Choceur, “Made with the finest milk from the Alps.” Great mouth feel of creaminess, perfect amount of cocoa (though at 49%, it is about 20% less dark than I usually eat), and good sweetness without making your teeth hurt. And the 5.29 oz. bar cost me only $1.99!!

Choceur Dark Chocolate bar
Sadly, these three pretty squares are all that’s left of this wonderful bar. So sorry that I ate you up. Not really sorry at all! UPDATE: While writing this post, I ate one and now have only two squares.

My Least Favorite Chocolate Bar Ever!

Taza Wicked Dark barI can’t conclude this post without mentioning the worst bar of chocolate I’ve had this entire decade: Taza Wicked Dark. Yes, it’s organic, non GMO, and Direct Trade. It’s vegan. It’s also gluten, dairy, and soy free. It is also disgusting and enjoyment-free! Chalky in the mouth, bitter, sad, tastes like punishment. The wrapper says “stone ground.” I think they left some stones in it. πŸ™

Now tell me, what’s your favorite chocolate?