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Being Loved Is Not Supreme Happiness!

hearts iconI’m over at Patricia Preston’s blog today discussing loving and being loved as this overblown holiday of hearts approaches. When you are in the thick of warm and rosy passion, what a great day is Valentine’s Day! When you’re not, when you’re on the outskirts of a relationship, it’s not so hot. Especially when the Valentine’s decor went up in the middle of January so that by now, two weeks into February, you are seeing red and not in a good way. In any case, whether you are buying a huge red card or shredding an ex-lover’s shirts as you drink a glass of red wine by yourself, think happy thoughts.

My post for Patricia is about supreme happiness, with help from Victor Hugo and Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Don’t worry, nothing too heavy. And it’s good to know your happiness does NOT depend on being loved by someone. Good God, what an awful giving away of your power if it did. No, I think your happiness depends on opening your heart and loving in any way, shape, or form. Love your dog (I do), your cat (I do), your children (usually . . . okay, honestly, that’s forever and unconditional), your chocolate bar (also forever and unconditional), and feel blessed to have any other heart-warming, heart-expanding relationships you have with people, pets, and food. It’s all good, as they say. It all adds to your happiness.

Jumping off my saintly soapbox now and hoping I, too, will receive a big heart-shaped box of chocolates this year. But if I don’t, I’ll buy my own the day after Valentine’s Day for two-thirds the price. Now that’s supreme happiness!

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