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March Madness

fur mustacheOne of my animals left this perfectly formed fur mustache on my carpet. Forget the fact that the carpet is hideous and that the animal was probably trying to improve its appearance. Still, it was uncalled for. (though it was put under the nose and above the lip of a couple of us humans just to see if it really looked like a mustache. It did.)


And now, because the responsible party, the canine prankster,perry needs to go out and do his business, I will cut short this March Madness post. Time to enjoy our crazy New England spring that feels like a summer day in March. No one is complaining!


2 thoughts on “March Madness

    1. You may be right. He does have a flair for redecorating my home, whether he’s tearing up cushion foam or sorting through my recyclables. And there could have been a far less pleasant surprise on my rug.

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