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Unscientific Poll About Ebook Reading Trends

Blogger Nathan Bransford has released his latest unscientific poll regarding the reading of paper books vs. ebooks. The trend grows stronger every year toward people reading more books in a digital format. I’ll just cite the last three years results:

Those who want their books made out of paper:

2011: 25%
2012: 25%
2013: 25%

Those who enjoy ebooks:

2011: 47%
2012: 47%
2013: 49%

Oddly, when I started to read the comments on Nathan’s site, the first few commenters were all against ebooks and wanted to make sure they were recorded as aficionados of the paper-made book.

I used to be such a reader of traditional books, enjoying the very smell of the paper.  However, I confess that I am going along with the trend–after my son talked my husband into buying me a Kindle two Christmases ago. As a former library trustee, I pooh-poohed the Kindle rather strongly, but now you’d have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. Especially at night if I’m in the passenger seat of the car, happily reading while someone else drives, or again at night in bed when I can read without disturbing the aforementioned husband by using a nightlight (those things drove me nuts), or during the day when I’m chauffeuring one of my offspring and can take along 400 plus books in my purse. Love it!

How about you? Books made of paper or books made of . . . um digital . . . um electronic . . . um, well, you know: ebooks?