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A Video Featuring the Defiant Hearts Series and a Dog

Video stillshot1

I have two new things today: 1) a video made by REX Video Productions featuring my DEFIANT HEARTS series and the new series, the WARRIORS OF YORK, that I’m writing with bestselling author Marliss Melton and 2) my own YouTube channel with exactly one video (see #1).

If you have less than a minute, and nothing better to do, you can take a look at the video by clicking here. My slightly overweight pooch, Perry the Wonder Dog, made the final cut!

I enjoyed seeing the process of how such a mini-film is made; it all starts with the script! Then you get to go into a studio and do the voiceover narration. Finally, the video is made, with the cinematographer matching clips and images to the script.

Another stillshot of the video from YouTube:


2 thoughts on “A Video Featuring the Defiant Hearts Series and a Dog

  1. What a super video!! I love the background images for each of the books and how they match the color tones in the covers. Your message really pulls viewers in. And I LOVE the scenes with Perry, as well as the “meow” at the beginning and the “woof” at the end. All so adorable. I tried to comment on the You-tube site but instead of giving an option to leave a comment, I was asked to create a Channel of my own. Not sure what to do there.

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