Lord Vile

Beastly Lords Book Three

Lord Vile by Sydney Jane Baily

Lord Vile — Betrayal most foul causes Lord Michael Alder to lose the woman he loves. He falls headfirst into a bottle of gin and into a lifestyle of a hardened reprobate.

Unfortunately, Miss Ada Kathryn Ellis, a baron’s daughter with big dreams, didn’t realize her upstanding viscount has become Lord Vile … until he ruins her.

When she returns to London as the widow Mrs. St. Ange, he’s going to rue the day he trifled with her.

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Read Book Three in the bestselling Beastly Lords series. Let the decadence begin!

Viscount Alder never meant to earn the nickname Lord Vile, yet he fully embraces it after a nasty betrayal—combining bitter resentment with the soothing taste of gin and a fondness for females. One wronged woman seeking revenge shreds his self-centered world, painfully capturing the heart he didn’t know he had.

Lord Michael Alder has always behaved himself, enjoyed the London social Season, and even became engaged in his quiet, unassuming way. Then treachery shatters his gentlemanly character. So be it… if the bon ton thinks him a rogue, he may as well shed the burdensome, boring veneer of decency and decorum.

A vile lord unleashed.

Worshiping him from afar, Ada Kathryn is thrilled to encounter the dash-fire viscount in the darkened garden. Minutes later, her innocence in tatters, she waits for the noble Lord Alder to do the honorable thing. Instead, she watches as the most vile lord in London saunters away.

Two very different reputations at stake.

Drinking and carousing with the lowliest wenches to the highest aristocrats, Alder greets each day with a throbbing head, a sour stomach, and an even sourer disposition. Until a desirable new lady arrives in London, a polished stranger, not a hint of vengeance. If Lord Vile thought he understood betrayal and heartache, he hasn’t seen anything yet…

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Sydney Jane Baily is absolutely brilliant. I was totally amazed how much chemistry Ms. Baily’s main characters had. I didn’t think it could get better then the last book, but I was wrong. From the moment I opened this book until the moment it was done I was spellbound.

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