The Duchess of Chocolate

Rare Confectionery Book One

Duchess of Chocolate by Sydney Jane Baily coverThe Duchess of Chocolate — Meet the eldest Rare-Foure sister, Amity, the premiere chocolatier in London!

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The Duke of Pelham desires a brand-new confection to win the Season’s loveliest lady. Naturally, he turns to London’s premiere chocolatier for assistance.

Amity has never had a customer quite like the duke. In status, he’s far above ordinary men, yet he is one of the friendliest, funniest, and most engaging males she has ever met.

As the duke enters the scrumptious world of confectionery, he discovers the chocolatier is as delightful—and tempting—as her creations. While Amity designs the perfect proposal chocolate, her heart begins to wish the duke could be her very own mouthwatering reward.

Join Amity and her duke on a chocolate-filled romance in the heart of Mayfair, where nobility often acts in a less-than noble fashion. Will the upper-echelon of society sour their happiness and keep them from the sweetest of endings?

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5 Stars
Chocolate and Romance!

From the moment Amity and Henry met I was hooked. Henry came to the shop looking for a special chocolate, and found a special lady. Their story is fun. The easy-going (slightly arrogant), friendly duke and the sweet, smart, caring chocolatier spend time together, laugh, learn from each other, and enjoy each other’s company. Will a match between them work? Not everyone thinks it should.

The characters in this lovely story are awesome. Henry and Amity are perfect together; meant for each other. Both come from close-knit, supportive families. The sisters, hers and his, are delightful. Their mothers are each and together a force to be reckoned with. Chocolate and romance, delicious! The Duchess of Chocolate is, quite simply put, a valentine. Beatrice is up next, and I can’t wait. (From

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