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An Impassioned Redemption at Amazon

An Impassioned Redemption by Sydney Jane Bailyby Sydney Jane BailyI have not posted since Spock’s death. Not because I have been in a Star Trek fan funk, though there was that, of course. Mostly, however, I have been distracted by my impending divorce from a stranger. Hey, how is that for a new book title? Divorce from a Stranger.

Actually, my soon-to-be-ex didn’t start becoming a stranger until he announced he wanted to divorce in December. He began morphing like a 59-year-old mutant turtle (minus the ninja part), but still was sort of recognizable while around the house. Sure, he had his teeth capped and started streaking his brown hair with blond. But it was after he moved out and realized I was no longer useful to him (cooking, laundry, cleaning, other fringe benefits–should I be waggling my eyebrows suggestively?) that he started acting as if we hadn’t known each other for 24 years. He literally signs emails to me with “Thanks” and then his full name. I am not kidding. Very strange.

ugly mutant turtle
Yup, that about sums up my soon-to-be-ex.

And, as I said, this whole divorce thing was not really in my plan for this spring so it has been a major distraction to the creative part of my brain, not to mention the other side that would like to have a secure future, or at least a future with a roof over my head and some hearty chow once a day. So even after much delay, I am super pleased to announce that An Impassioned Redemption is now up at Amazon, and will be available elsewhere after a 90-day exclusivity with the ‘Zon’s Kindle Select program.

Part of an historical romance anthology last year, called Lost in a Kiss, this standalone novella is an offshoot (also called a “bulge,” which is not the most attractive word, I grant you that), featuring two secondary characters from An Inescapable Attraction, Book 3 of the Defiant Hearts series. The multi-author anthology is no longer for sale. I think I am the last of the authors to get my individual novella published, but I am also the only one divorcing a mutant turtle . . . I mean, a husband.

Synopsis of An Impassioned Redemption:

Self-made woman, Jo Holland answers to no one. She runs a successful saloon and bordello, keeping off the streets women with few opportunities in life. Unlike her girls, she neither needs nor wants any man. That is, until she meets the wickedly attractive and intriguing Jameson Carter.

From atop his gambling riverboat, Jameson rules what he sees, and he has his sights set on one delectable lady. His odds of winning Jo are suddenly stacked against him, when a series of unexplained events puts more than his heart in danger. They threaten his life and that of the woman he wants to make his own.

I always love to hear from you. If you get a chance, let me know what you think of the cover, the story, the likeness of the turtle to my husband. Anything really that you want to chat about, I’ll listen.

4 thoughts on “An Impassioned Redemption at Amazon

  1. Mutant Mutim- Wow! I’m laughing and crying for you at he same time. Back to the book: LOVE the cover and will share the link with my book club as a summer read. Can’t wait to read it!

    1. Thanks, Meryl. Still loving my ginormous plant–except for the small hernia she gave me. Ha!

  2. Impassioned Redemption is a super-great novella, full of fun, peril, and passion. Readers are going to love it! As for your divorce…keep slogging ahead and there should be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I think…

    1. Thanks, Marliss. I just made a wish on an early birthday cake. For a moment, I paused. Love or money? Matters of the heart or the pot of gold? I’m going for love and matched hearts! 🙂 What else can you expect of a romance writer?

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