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Boxed Sets and Coleslaw — A Great Summer Combo

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Defiant Hearts Boxed Sets ((Boxed Set I)
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Defiant Hearts Boxed Sets (Boxed Set II)
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Let’s take a minute to leave the land of historical romance for a summer recipe that is deceptively simple and utterly delicious. Trust me on this. Just try it and let me know what you think.

OK, it’s coleslaw. I know, I know, so unsexy, so blah. But this is better than regular coleslaw. I promise. (I just made it for July 4, and it was said to be “the best thing on the plate.” And I forgot to take a photo!)

Mix together the following: a chopped medium-size head of any color cabbage you like, 1 cup of almonds (slivered and toasted for about 7 minutes at 375 degrees), 2/3 cup of raisins, two diced spring onions, and a couple (or 3) generous tablespoons of your favorite mayo. Add some ground black pepper if you like. That’s it. It tastes best if the flavors get to meld for an hour or more, maybe even four.

Serve as a side dish or grill some chicken and lay it right on top of the slaw. Enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “Boxed Sets and Coleslaw — A Great Summer Combo

  1. I happened to have a bag of shredded red cabbage in the fridge when I saw your recipe. I have never had raisins and almonds in slaw, but since you recommended the recipe I tried it. It was great. You have introduced me to a new taste sensation! Thanks.

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