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Defiant Hearts Are Back

The entire Defiant Hearts series has had a little makeover. First, they were retrieved from my publisher and are back under my control. Now I have the freedom to put them on sale, put them in a boxed set, and even give them away. Cue manic laughter!

The series came down from all sales channels on May 3. Much scrambling ensued behind the scenes on my part and on the part of my cover designer, Philip Ré. Now, after less than a month, with new interiors and exteriors, they are back up everywhere (though Kobo is being a wee bit stubborn for a couple of the books). All six are also available in paperback as well, which is new for An Inconceivable Deception and An Impassioned Redemption, both previously only available in digital format. Some covers have only been tweaked a little, while some are quite revamped. I love the look of them as a whole.

Defiant Hearts Series Group Shot

But wait, there’s more news! Book 4, An Inconceivable Deception, as you can see has no man on the cover. Not because spirited Rose Malloy couldn’t get one (don’t be absurd!) but because she fell in love and then lost and then fell in love again and … well, you’ll have to read the book to learn what happens. Meanwhile, one of the characters from her story needed a happy ending of his own, so Defiant Hearts continues with another novel in the same Victorian era. However, where the current six stories are set in Boston, San Francisco, and a few places in between, the book I’m working on now is set in London. It’s a blast to write, and I’m hoping it will be out by the autumn. My first Defiant Hearts UK!

Do you have a favorite cover from this series? That’s lovely if you do (let me know in a comment), and I would dearly love to know about any favorite cover you have from any author. Post it in the comments so we all can take a look.