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It’s Release Day! My Lady Marzipan Is Here

My Lady Marzipan by Sydney Jane Baily coverGreetings on this sunny Thursday! My Lady Marzipan went live at midnight, and those of you who pre-ordered should see it winging its way onto your ereaders at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo. And the paperback actually went live yesterday morning, so that was exciting because sometimes it’s not available for a few days or longer.

Here is the universal buy link that takes you to all the online retailers. The book is currently at the intro price of $2.99. (It will go up in three weeks to its regular price.)

2020 birthday chocolatesWith Rare Confectionery Book Three’s release, I wanted to share this photo from my birthday earlier this month. My family knows me so well: Toffee from Walker’s (established in 1894), Cadbury’s chocolate (established in 1824), Ghirardelli’s chocolate (established in 1852), and Lindt chocolate (established in 1845). You can also see one of my favorites that my son picked up at Trader Joe’s (est. 1967). I adore their dark and light chocolate-covered toffee chips. This was the perfect birthday package for me! I have a new appreciation of confectionery since working on this series, especially the trials and tribulations of the chocolate-makers, who took a greasy, grainy substance (usually liquid) and turned it into the smooth, delicious sweet we know and love.

I hope you enjoy My Lady Marzipan. Let me know. I love to hear from readers. 🙂 Have a great day!

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