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Lord Corsair Is a Victorian Pirate

Lord Corsair by Sydney Jane BailyLord Corsair came out on April 16th and has received some awesome reviews at Amazon. I am thrilled readers are enjoying Philip and Beryl’s story. I am thankful for the kind words! To read reviews, click HERE.

A Pirates of Britannia World book, it is also connected to my Beastly Lords series by way of a few cross-over characters. Though many of the Britannia pirate books are set hundreds of years earlier, my tale of plunder, pistols, and peril takes place in the Victorian era with the queen, herself, and her prince consort making cameo appearances.

DragonMedia Publishing, the publisher of Pirates of Britannia books, sent me this lovely bouquet on release day. So thoughtful, and I’m still enjoying the fragrant blooms days later. Such a treat in New England where spring comes slowly and few flowers have come out yet. Happy spring!!

flower bouquet