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Lord Corsair: One Sexy Pirate and His Intrepid Cat

Prepare to Be Plundered!

Graphic for Lord Corsair by Sydney Jane Baily
I’m thrilled to announce the publication of LORD CORSAIR, available now for pre-order for only 99 cents on Amazon. Release date: 4/16!

Lord Corsair by Sydney Jane BailyA treacherous world of pistols, plunder, and passion

Miss Beryl Angsley, relishing a final few months of freedom before marriage, accompanies her father across the globe on a mission of diplomacy only to find herself kidnapped by Chinese pirates in the South China Sea.

British privateer, Philip Carruthers, on a secret undertaking for Queen Victoria, has at last found the treasure he’s sought for two years. Unfortunately, he also finds a captive Englishwoman.

Duty-bound to rescue her, he risks his ship, his crew, and his cat to return Lady Angsley to her father. In the midst of a dangerous world of pistols and plunder, Captain Carruthers goes from privateer to pirate in order to steal the heart of a lady.

A secret royal mission or the life of a lady? Which will he choose?

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