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New Historical Romance Release: Lord Anguish

Lord Anguish by Sydney Jane Baily
Beastly Lords Book Two

The second book in my Beastly Lords series released yesterday on Amazon. Welcome Lord Anguish! I just want to say thanks to those of you early readers who’ve already posted such lovely reviews. Thank you! Anguish is climbing the charts already.

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Book Two in The Beastly Lords series is a stunning tale of addiction and salvation set in Victorian London. Can a man overcome his opium curse for the woman he loves?

Contented, privileged, and eligible until a carriage accident hurls him to the cobbled street, John Angsley, Earl of Cambrey, awakens to broken bones and a battered head. Can it get worse? Opium, which eases his pain at first, brings suffering of its own, creating Lord Anguish, who must choose between the lure of laudanum and the woman he loves.

Miss Margaret Blackwood is the jammiest bit of jam and all John has ever wanted in a woman. Unfortunately, it’s clear from the start she’s too young and too fickle to make him a good wife, especially with rival suitors cropping up at every turn.

Maggie knows the Earl of Cambrey has dash-fire to spare. In fact, she’s decided he’s the man for her, if only a few irritating matters don’t get in her way—like his two casts, a half-missing eyebrow, and a practically perfect ‘other’ woman. But when she discovers the true insidious rival for his affection, the battle begins in earnest.

Opium addiction and a web of lies…

With the earl changing before her eyes from a thoughtful, kind man into a sneaky, irritable liar desperate for his next dose, Maggie may have to concede defeat and return to the London ballrooms and her many admirers. Will Lord Anguish choose the blissful relief of opium or the unpredictable passion of the dazzling Miss Blackwood?

Engaging characters, attention to period detail, and passionate love bring this fabulous tale to life. Read for free in Kindle Unlimited!