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The Badness of Bad Words

An Inescapable Attraction cover

Inescapable Attraction coverMy son loves Vsauce videos, which is why I’ve been exposed to some very interesting facts and trivia over the last couple of years. The ten-minute video belowis about words, swear words to be precise. Who says them, their origins, and why they’re used. I’ve been studying swearing quite a bit over the past few months because my latest hero, Thaddeus Sanborn in An Inescapable Attraction, is a bit of a bad boy, a gambler, smoker, drinker, and definitely, a swearer.

Well, guess what? They used most of the same swear words in the 1880s as we do today, though less frequently. Men didn’t use them in public, unless extremely ill-mannered, and women didn’t use them at all if anyone was in hearing distance.

This video, as most Vsauce videos, comes at the topic of swearing from every angle: class issues, Germanic vs. French/Latin language, reasons for swearing, five types of swearing, history of and future of swearing. Watch and listen. Perhaps the next time you swear, at least you’ll have a better awareness of why you’re letting fly that particular expletive.