An Even Dozen

That’s how many I’ve sold in a month. At first, I was a little crushed. OK, maybe curled-in-the-fetal position crushed, but I am continuing to follow the advice of so many writers before me: Drink a lot of wine. No, wait, that’s my good college friend’s advice about everything life throws at you, especially teenager-related. No, what the writers say is to ignore the sales and just keep writing. I’m halfway through the sequel to An Improper Situation and the third story in this trilogy is dying to get out of my head.

I’m also learning about marketing and promotion but trying very hard not to spend more time on that than on writing. There is so much information on the Internet; I can really spend hours and find I have fifteen tabs open with articles to read.

I also spent hours trying to disentangle the early American railways for my heroine Sophie Malloy from my latest novel. It seemed to take about ten days to get from San Francisco to Boston by train in the 1880s. I know she can buy her ticket at the impressive Palace Hotel where her friend Carling works:

Palace Hotel






But I can’t seem to find the exact train station from which she’d depart. Anyway, why would she want to leave? Look at the luxurious interior where the carriages come into the building to drop off guests:

Interior of palace hotelI can’t wait to share 1880s San Francisco with readers in An Irresistible Temptation (tentative title).