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An Inescapable Attraction–Working Title

I’ve nearly completed the third book in what I now call the Sanborn-Malloy series. Working title is An Inescapable Attraction. The cover is in production and, soon, the manuscript will go out to a handful of beta readers.

Meanwhile, I put the manuscript through my own filter of sorts to take a look at what words I’m using and at whether I’m using any too often, dulling their meaning. Interestingly, I found the following word list from rereading the more sensual scenes of the book.

Are you ready? In 249 pages, I included:

2 nubs

3 mounds

4 passages (tight, of course)

5 erections

5 manhoods

5 buds

6 swells

7 (womanly) cores

9 nipples

10 shafts

29 breasts

I’m considering putting it to music, a la, the “Twelve Days of Christmas” . . .

[important]Coming soon: An Inescapable Attraction, Book 3 in the Sanborn-Malloy Series[/important]

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