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Romance Heroes and Men in General — What Women Admire!

I know my posts have been all over the place lately, but I had to share this one that caught my eye. I think it’s particularly interesting to romance writers and readers. Do we describe the correct part of the male anatomy in our stories in order to capture a woman’s interest?

Reposting from The Richest, you can read Julie Mahfood’s article in it’s entirety, and I recommend you do for the clever writing and for the great images, by clicking here The 10 Male Features Women Like Best.

In summary, from what we supposedly care about least at #10 to most at #1 along with my own take:

10. Muscular chest/shoulders

I would have placed this higher on the list, along with good posture. If a man has big shoulders but stoops over, I’m the first one to say, “Straighten up!” But when we’re kissing, yes, I love to run my hands over a good, solid chest, and what’s not to love about feeling strong shoulders under your fingers.

9. Penis

This made me laugh, even at #9, because it’s basically a funny-looking appendage. (Sorry, men!) Men put this higher on the list and thought women would really take note of a fine-looking specimen of manhood. I’m not sure how it would even come into play during a meet-and-greet when you’re checking out a guy for basic attractiveness. I think most women assume that most men have a regular, get-the-job-done penis. I guess at some point, you’ll take a peek at it to assess whether it can perform, but other than that, who cares what it looks like?

8. Neck

Yes, as someone who loves to kiss a man’s neck, yes, I want it to look . . . manly!

7. Hair

If you’re with Bruce Willis or Dwayne Johnson with their awesome smiles and overall sexiness or Patrick Stewart with his smoldering and debonair appeal, who cares about hair? On the other hand, sometimes a girl wants to tug on it or run her fingers through it. Really depends on the guy.

6. Height/Tallness

I’m tall, so I understand this one, but it all equalizes when you’re both horizontal! If you want to wear heels, it’s nice to have your man be a few inches taller than you are. If at a similar height though, he might kiss you more because he isn’t getting a crick in his neck leaning down the way all romance heroes seem to lean or bend before kissing.

5.  Long legs

Waste of #5, if you’ve already got #6. Having said that, I am a leg lady, meaning I like a man to have well-shaped legs, not froggy legs.

4.  Eyes

Definitely. And you must read the article and go to #4 just to see Bradley Cooper’s eyes. Seriously! The eyes have it. You could almost put a man’s eyes in for #1 through 10, at least for me.

3.  Flat stomach

Ok, this is a good one, too. The man doesn’t need washboard abs, but we like a man without a beer belly. A nice flat stomach, a little V of tapering hair if you’re a romance hero, and we’re good!

2.  Slimness

Huh! Bigger waste of #2 than long legs was for #5. Are you telling me that a smile–sexy, boyish, devilish, wicked, and/or dimpled–doesn’t get your attention better than slimness? Again, see Bradley Cooper at #4 or Bruce Willis or Orlando Bloom or … Don’t get me started on great smiles, but they can make or break a man’s sexiness. All my books’ heroes have smiles that melt their ladyloves’ hearts. I’ve never waxed poetic or romantic about slimness. This one is an abject fail.

1. Buttocks

I wouldn’t place it at the top of the list, but maybe if I was with a guy who had a terrible butt, I’d change my tune. I haven’t seen enough bad butts to really appreciate this as #1 for what women admire, but I’ll have to start looking more closely.


Do you have a top 10 for what turns you on in a man’s appearance? We’re not talking humor and generosity here, only looks. The meat of the matter, so to speak. Let me know.

Happy Man Watching,