Sanborn-Malloy Series Boxed Set, Books 1, 2, & 3

Image for Sanborn-Malloy series boxed set, books 1 - 3 My first boxed set came out about a week ago. It contains Book One: An Improper Situation, Book Two: An Irresistible Temptation, and Book Three: An Inescapable Attraction in the Sanborn-Malloy Series of historical romances set in 1880s America. Currently, it’s available exclusively at Amazon and is in digital format only.

If you like Americana romance that takes you from the rugged terrain of Colorado to the civilized, old world city of Boston and the burgeoning city of San Francisco with its wild Barbary Coast, then you might enjoy my stories. Not exactly trains, planes, and automobiles, but steam trains, loyal steeds, and a variety of carriages transport my characters hither and yon as they battle evil men, encounter scheming, jealous women and packs of wolves, run for their lives from flying bullets and runaway carriages, and save each other with selfless disregard for their own safety. Through it all, the heroes and heroines of my stories love each other with a fiercely bold and enduring passion.

And even after three books, these characters won’t let go of me. I’m nearly half finished writing a prequel to An Improper Situation (novella length), and I’ve just started Book Four because one of the Malloy siblings spoke up and demanded her own story.

Best wishes for a happy new year. I hope we all get to read many wonderful historical tales of romance.

Sydney Jane Baily