An Improper Situation

Defiant Hearts Book 1

An Improper Situation by Sydney Jane BailyAn Improper Situation treats you to a trip out west followed by an exciting—sometimes downright dangerous—visit to Beacon Hill in Victorian Boston.

How could a well-bred, intelligent woman not want two adorable children?

That’s what attorney Reed Malloy asks himself after an exhausting train ride from Boston to a dusty Colorado town with two orphans in tow. He’s not prepared for Miss Charlotte Sanborn, who wears her independence like a suit of armor, cloaks her identity behind her pen name, and flat out refuses to raise her kin!

Of all the gall! How dare this man stride into her home and expect her to rearrange her life?

Charlotte won’t risk any more heartache. After watching her parents die of cholera, she raised her brother by herself until he left. It’s her time to enjoy some peace—and use her new typewriter! So why do these children and this handsome stranger awaken a yearning for something more than the life she has painstakingly created?

One letter changes everything…

When Charlotte forsakes all that’s familiar and enters Reed’s world of Boston high society, concealed malice abounds in the glittering Beacon Hill mansions. Facing sinister forces and scorned women—and with passions ablaze—can Reed and Charlotte escape an Improper Situation?

An Improper Situation is Book 1 in the Victorian-American series Defiant Hearts. Engaging, believable characters, attention to period detail, and sensual romance—all in this series by highly acclaimed writer Sydney Jane Baily.

“…the ending was perfect… Many wonderful characters including nasty villains and villainesses. I had a hard time putting it down!” ~ Lady McNeill, Mrs. Condit, & Friends Read Books

“Delicately crafted, deliciously told. A book that transports you to a time and place from which you won’t want to return.” ~ Award-winning, bestselling author, Marliss Melton

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