Beastly Lords Series

Set in Victorian England, the Beastly Lords novels feature damaged heroes, devoted heroines, and the struggles of imperfect people who passionately love each other. Explore the lush English countryside, London’s haut ton, and its seedier side of gaming hells and nameless pubs.

Each book can be read as a stand-alone story. Click on a book cover to learn more . . .

Lord Despair Beastly Lords Book One cover

Lord Anguish Beastly Lords Book Two cover

Lord Vile Beastly Lords Book Three cover

Lord Darkness Beastly Lords Book Four cover

Lord Misery Beastly Lords Book Five cover

Lord Wrath Beastly Lords Book Six cover

Eleanor Beastly Lords Book Seven cover
Book Seven, Novella Length
Lord Corsair by Sydney Jane Baily
Beastly Lords / Pirates of Britannia Novella