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Author Sydney J. BailyHm, tell my own story? What’s to tell? I’m just a late-blooming word lover. I wrote my first romance novel when I was 17 years old, and it was rejected by my eighteenth birthday. Deservedly so, I might add. I went to college (earning history and English lit degrees) and then post-grad school, then worked in publishing for the next 25 years, and still do, as a freelance editor and writer. For the last decade, I’ve also designed websites, including many for other writers.

To date, I’ve written a number of books in my Defiant Hearts Series of 1880s Americana romance, set in Boston, MA, fictional Spring City, CO, and San Francisco, CA. One book takes you all over the country by carriage, train, and horse, and a novella in the series takes place on a riverboat on the Mississippi! I’ve ventured into both the Georgian era of England and the medieval one, co-authoring The Warriors of York series with Marliss Melton. Right now, I’m working on a Victorian romance with a tortured hero.

Here’s a short video about me and my writing (click the arrow to play) created by REX Video Productions:


And if you’re still interested, here’s the video of my guest appearance on About Amesbury, a cable TV show, during which I discuss the task of writing and then read a slightly inappropriate excerpt from one of my books. For the love of God, why did I pick that excerpt?

Sydney J. Baily Cat Whisker StudioWhen I’m not writing, I mostly work for other authors as an editor. I also develop websites–if you ask me nicely and pay me handsomely. 🙂 You can learn more about my professional life (apart from writing) at my work website, Cat Whisker Studio, and contact me there for editing (copy editing or developmental editing, and all things related), website quotes, book trailers and Facebook ads.

Sydney and PerryCheers,

Sydney & Perry, the Wonder Dog


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