Guest Authors for June 2020

This month, we have a happy blend of historical romance guest authors from medieval to Regency to a western. I’m sure you’ll find something to love. Click on the book covers or on the buttons below to purchase.

A Rogue No More by Lana Williams

A Rogue No More by Lana Williams
New Release: June 23rd!

An intriguing Regency romance from a USA Today Bestselling Author!

Thomas Raybourne is tasked by his eldest brother to set aside his roguish ways and make a profitable endeavor out of the publishing company their father, the Earl of Carlington, started prior to his death. Bleary-eyed and reluctant, he takes on the assignment, surprised to realize the company’s bestseller is a gritty mystery written by A. Golden. Now he need only convince the author to write a second bestseller so he can turn around the company and help replenish his family’s finances. But discovering the talented author’s true identity upends his world.

Annabelle Gold has carefully guarded the fact that she writes under the name of A. Golden, but when her editor doesn’t return her inquiries about publishing a second book, she is forced to visit Artemis Press. She’s stunned to discover Thomas behind the desk—the very man who tempted her to steal a kiss on a dark terrace months ago. Despite that unsettling moment, she intends to focus on her career, not marriage.

The pair strike a deal to publish Annabelle’s second book, but soon discover a murderer is copying scenes from her first book. Now, they must identify the killer before he strikes again. Thomas knows he’s out of his league, both with Annabelle and the investigation, but he finds an unexpected ally in her and can’t resist exploring the passion he finds in her arms. Her belief in him makes him think he might be more than the worthless bounder his father always called him. Annabelle wonders if Thomas is more than a rogue as his courage and cleverness—not to mention his kisses—make her reconsider her plans for the future.

Not only are their hearts in danger, but their very lives. Can they stop the killer before he strikes again with one of them as the next victim?

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My Victorious Knight by Laurel O’Donnell

My Victorious Knight by Laurel O'Donnell
Recently Released: June 9th!

She desired only one kiss, but what she received was so much more!

Having grown up under his father’s constant ridicule, Sir Julian of Helmsley is determined to be the best knight in the land. When he finally saves enough coin to enter a grand tournament and face the undefeated champion, he is confident he will win and prove to all, including his father, he is not worthless.

Lady Elora of Kingston knows her place, her duty. She is destined to marry a man she hardly knows and certainly does not love. Before she weds, Elora wants to experience real passion. Just one kiss. One magical kiss. What she doesn’t realize is that one kiss will change her life forever.

When Julian meets Lady Elora, the sister of the undefeated champion, he becomes embroiled in two battles, one for his personal glory and one for his heart, with the outcomes of both very much in peril.

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The Widow’s Hope by Courtney Willis

Widow's Hope by Courtney Willis
Recently Released: June 11th!

She’s a pregnant widow with a shotgun. He’s a handsome stranger with no memory of his past.

After Cassandra Reynolds loses her husband, she must find a way to care for their homestead and prepare for her unborn child. She’s ready to give up the property and return to her distant relatives, but when an injured man collapses on her porch, it makes her reconsider.

Grayson wakes to a burning stagecoach with blood on his hands and no memory of who he is or how he got there – the letter in his pocket is the only clue to his identity. When he stumbles into the beautiful Cassandra, he strikes up a bargain to tend her farm in exchange for a place to stay.

Despite growing fond of each other, they know they must fight the attraction until they have more answers, due to the trace of a ring on his finger. But will Grayson’s past catch up to him before his memory can, and will Cassandra still want him around when it does?
(This is book 2 in a series. It can be read as a standalone, but is best enjoyed in order.)

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Always the Bridesmaid by Emily EK Murdoch

Alwasy the Bridesmaid by Emily Murdoch
2020 First in Series!

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride – but not if the Duke of Axwick has anything to do with it…

Miss Tabitha Chesworth is walking down the aisle for the third time, but never as the bride. Frustrated with being passed over, there’s nothing that a well-born lady can do about it. But at four and twenty, she’s starting to worry that this is her lot in life – until a fiery encounter with the Duke of Axwick.

Richard St Maur, sixteenth in his line, has sworn an oath never to marry. He’s seen the damage of the male Axwick line, and he won’t bring another gambler or drunkard into the world. Of course, that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun and there’s no one he’d like to play with more than Miss Tabitha Chesworth. He’s determined to have her. She’s determined to hold out until a ring is on her finger. Sparks fly as this repeat bridesmaid takes on one of the most determined men of the ton.

Whose offer will eventually be accepted? Will the Duke of Axwick find his way into Tabitha’s bed – or her heart?

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