Beastly Lords Book Seven

Eleanor by Sydney Jane Baily coverEleanor — The greatest treasure is the human heart…

Adventurous Eleanor Blackwood is thrilled to spend time at her best friend’s country estate. Angsley Hall overflows with the breathtaking natural beauty of fields, forests, and a mighty river, as well as with a mystery or two. She’s even more delighted by the unexpected arrival of the man who has secretly captured her heart.

Grayson O’Connor is not immune to Eleanor’s charms. True, she still climbs trees and acts rashly, but she also has a quick wit and joyful humor. Yet with his own past cloaked in shadows, he’s not convinced he has the right to pursue this innocent spirit.

Amidst a week of drenching squalls, they begin an intriguing treasure hunt based on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Gold Bug. The danger becomes all too real with midnight intruders, shots in the dark, and a perilously swollen river cresting its banks. Unlike Poe’s story of pirate booty, Eleanor and Gray discover the greatest treasure is the precious human heart—theirs to cherish or to tear apart.

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(Note: This story was first published as part of the USA Today Bestselling Boxed set The Midnight Hour: All Hallows’ Brides, October 2019)

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