Presenting Lady Gus

Presenting Lady Gus by Sydney Jane Baily A Georgian-Era Romance

Her would-be suitors keep dying!

Lady Augusta Brenville needs a wealthy husband to save her beloved estate. Yet keeping her inheritance seems impossible when nary a suitor remains standing, nor alive for that matter—until a seasoned captain arrives, daring and intrepid . . . and a tad uncivilized for the lady’s liking.

For the sake of owning Thornbury Castle, Captain Rolf is willing to marry its rather awkward yet endearing mistress, regardless of her penniless state. First, he must thwart a mysterious assassin with a penchant for poison, fire, and arrows.

Can Lady Gus bring herself to relinquish control of her household for the sake of saving it? And must she lose her heart in the process? Neither will matter if Rolf can’t keep both himself and his betrothed alive until their wedding day.

Enjoy a captivating visit to Georgian England with a charmingly quirky couple and a deadly villain in Sydney Jane Baily’s Presenting Lady Gus.

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