The Toffee Heiress

Rare Confectionery Book Two

The Toffee Heiress by Sydney Jane BailyThe Toffee Heiress — Meet the middle Rare-Foure sister, Beatrice, the sharp-tongued, treacle toffee-maker.

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Greer Carson needs a wife, and not merely any wife, either. She must be a titled British lady so he can claim his inheritance—a country estate all but abandoned for a generation.

Beatrice can make treacle toffee without a doubt, the best in London! Yet sometimes she dreams of doing more with her life. When a handsome American comes into Rare Confectionery seeking assistance, she grabs hold of the opportunity for adventure with both hands.

Join Beatrice and Greer as they infiltrate the highest ranks of London’s aristocracy searching for spouses. As they get closer to their goals, will the impossible choice be the only one they desire?

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